Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Scots go after ebaY for Ticket Sales, Free Listing on ebaY Malasia

The Glasgow City Council is trying to get ebaY stop the sale of Hogmanay party tickets on their site. ebaY said they will not do anything unless the Council can show them a law making this resale of ticketes illegal. The Council claims that by selling them on-line, ticket holders are breaking the terms of agreement which apply to them. Normally tickets cost £2.50, but are selling on ebaY for £70 to £300. to disallow sales of tickets to 4

ebaY Malaysian Website is completely free to list on, and very simple. It is like pre IPO ebaY in it’s basic simplicity. Unfortunately the listings only show up on ebaY Malaysia in MYR currency, though the would show up in a sellers list of items in the US.

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