Monday, December 12, 2005

ebaY Coupons Good Through 18 Dec 05

Looks as if ebaY has a few more buyer coupon codes out there, for those purchasing something on the ebaY site using PayPal.

Be sure to check the box "I will enter coupon code" just after you click Pay Now but before you sign in to your PP account, or the coupon won't work.

Coupon Code - C11-GIFTGUIDE
10% off next ebay purchase up to $25.00

Coupon Code - C22-GIFTGUIDE
$5 OFF your next purchase of $50 or more

Coupon Code - C23-GIFTGUIDE
$15 OFF your next purchase of $100 or more.

These are valid until 18 Dec 05. The discount does NOT apply to shipping and handling or taxes, only
to the price of the item.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

ebaY $25.00 Coupon Good Through 28 Sep 05

From the last Special Edition of TAGnotes

Starting Sunday 18 Sep 2005 at 00:00:01 PT (12:00 AM plus one second on
Sunday 18 Sep 2005) and ending at 00:00:00 PT(12:00 AM) on Wednesday 28
Sep 2005, ebaY will give any buyer of any ONE item selling on ebaY US
(, 10% off with a maximum discount of $25. on any ONE item
bought from a seller using PayPal.

The 10% discount does NOT apply to shipping and handling or taxes, only
to the price of the item.

Coupon Code is: CELEBRATE

If the item you've bought or won says PayPal is accepted in the item
description, but you do not see a PayPal option in checkout, you can go
directly to PayPal to pay for the item. If you have further questions
about how to pay for such an item, contact the seller.

If the item you've bought or own does not accept PayPal, please note
that you are still obligated to pay the seller for the item even though
you cannot use your ebaY coupon or gift certificate. You should always
check first to make sure a seller accepts PayPal if you are planning to
use an ebaY coupon or gift certificate.
More info on using coupons at -

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

TAGnotes Pink Quote of the Day II

Pink Quote of the Day II- Courteous and Respectful Posting is Expected of All Participants posted by on 11 Jul 05 at 17:36 PT
" Hello everyone,
We've been hearing from folks who use the boards that the expectation of "courteous and respectful posting from all participants" needs more attention. We've been troubled for some time that this essential element seems to fall by the wayside too often.

We should all be able to have a discussion without attack. Debate can be conducted without insult. Frustration can be expressed without personalization. Interpersonal issues need to be worked out privately between the people involved, not on the boards. And feuds have no place on eBay.

All of us who use the boards - members, staff, newcomers, and regulars - need to know we can come to a board - any board - and find welcome. We don't necessarily expect to always find agreement or comfort, but, as Louise used to say "there's always time for courtesy", and everyone - everyone - deserves that.

As you know, you are the first line of moderation of the forums. You use the Report Link to alert the moderation team to possible violations, so that posts can be reviewed. From time to time, trends begin in these violations, and we step up our action in accordance with your reports.

Posts that are not "courteous and respectful" will be removed when reported, and further action taken as appropriate.

This is nothing new - that expectation has been in place for many years. We had truly hoped the Community could work this part out without need for our intervention. But you've let us know the "expectation" alone is not enough for this time, and thus, we'll be backing it up with firmer enforcement. So, we'll be raising the bar and setting a higher expectation for polite behavior in reviewing the posts you report.

In addition, we'd like to remind everyone that eBay may remove any post or thread at any time, without notice. Sometimes a thread which starts out as a great discussion of differing viewpoints may fall into a battle between a few people, or may go so far off topic that the original purpose is lost. In these cases, threads which have become the focus of interpersonal disputes, or which have been taken far off topic, may be removed entirely, without warning, notice or explanation. ....Claire"

TAG finds this diatribe an intresting piece of hypocrisy. To start with, ebaY has chosen to use a fascist style snitch system to police their boards, rather than a more democratic community based consensus type model. A system of this type does little to create unity and trust between participants and instead breeds contempt, paranoia and dissention. This is an atmosphere that ebaY has put in place to control and manipulate what they call, the community. Additionally, ebaY's employees have a hands off policy on certain users who are colluders, favored members who have been taken into the ebaY fold (often through the Voices program, though some are probably just ebaY employees using aliased IDs, an ebaY practice that goes back to Jim Griffiths, ebaY's first customer service employee) and allowed liberties and impunity even when they are in direct violation of ebaY's rules, other users are not granted. ebaY uses these people to break up serious discussions about ebaY problems and divert these discussions, provoking those participating in the discussions with personal attacks, and totally derailing the conversation. They also use these colluders as snitches and provocateurs, to harass users ebaY wants to silence and ban from their boards. To prevent furor over a popular dissenting voice being silenced, ebaY uses the excuse of the expectations in Claire's PQOD above, to ban those dissenting vocal posters, even though ebaY used their colluders to create the hostile situation. Needless to say the ebaY colluder does not get banned, only the intended victim. A recent case exemplifies this, where ebaY was publicly embarrassed during the CNBC broadcast of The ebaY Effect, when a post on an ebaY chat board, showing a monkey and the motto "ebaY sucks" was shown on national television. ebaY has since permanently banned from their boards the person who made and posted the graphic, though he violated no ebaY posting rules.

Many of you reading this might say that they are ebaY's boards, they have no legal obligation under the US Constitution to allow free speech, and they can run their boards however they please. This is absolutely true, but it makes Meg Whitman and Bill Cobb a liar, every time they open their mouths and talk about community, a level playing field and the ebaY Community Values. Where censorship and snitching rule the day, there is only manipulation, deceit and ulterior motives, none of which fit the rhetoric those at ebaY spout, and which amounts to little more than lies and hypocrisy.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Free Listing Day on ebaY?

On 5 September 2005 ebaY will celebrate it’s 10 anniversary for its US site (and incidentally it is the 6th anniversary of TAGnotes). TAG predicts ebaY will conduct several promotions during the month of September with a free or 10 cent listing day, starting as early as the end of August. We think ebaY will do a promotion of some sort or another, every week of September.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

TAGnotes Special Edition ebaY US&CA 5 cent promo on 14Feb05

Excerpted from -
The Auction Guild Notes Special Edition ebaY US & CA
5 cent promo 13 Feb 04


WorldManna.Org working to help hungry people. You can help
influence corporations to donate a percentage of their profits to
alleviate and prevent world hunger.

Sign the pledge and use your purchasing power.

For professional, affordable web site design, development,
& low cost web hosting:

In search for auction management tools? Go to
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Looking for reliable image hosting? Check TAG's image hosting
directory at -
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This issue brought to you by the preceding ads, supporting TAG
through their advertising dollars. Please support them, by
clicking on or copy/pasting their links and buying their products.
TAG's advertising rates are at -

TAG does not endorse the companies or products advertised
9200 subscribers

ebaY US is holding a one day 5 cent listing fee cap promotion on Mon
14 Feb 05 from 00:00:01 PT (12:00 AM plus one second on Mon
14 Feb 05) until 23:59:59 PT(11:59 PM plus 59 seconds Mon
14 Feb 05).

ebaY will charge 5 cents for the insertion fees for auction style and
fixed price listings on ebaY US and ebaY Motors (non-vehicle
listings only). This includes listings created prior to the
promotion and scheduled to start during the promotional period
on 14 Feb 05. Listings must start during the promotional period
to qualify for the discount.

ebaY will charge all optional listing upgrade fees: bold, border, buy
it now, featured plus, highlight, gallery, gallery featured, gift
services, home page featured, listing designer, picture services,
picture show, reserve listing fee , subtitle, supersize picture
and extended duration surcharges.

Excluded from the promotion are, ebaY Motors vehicles, international,
live auction, professional services, real estate, ad format and
store inventory listings.
(This info was not posted to the US announcement board when
this mailing was sent, check the ebaY US announcement board
to confirm)

This appears to be an effort on ebaY’s part to break the Boycott
scheduled to start on 18 Feb 05 before it gets going.

ebaY Canada is holding a one day C 5 cent listing fee cap promotion
on Mon 14 Feb 05 from 00:00:01 EST (12:00 AM plus one second on
Mon 14 Feb 05) and runs through 23:59:59 EST (11:59 PM plus 59
seconds Mon 14 Feb 05).

Rules and restriction will apply as per those in the US, as posted

(This info was not posted to the CA announcement board when
this mailing was sent, check the ebaY CA announcement board
to confirm)

************************************************************ Auctions will cut its listing fees by 52 percent from
18 Feb through 18 Mar, to appeal to sellers affected by ebaY’s
fee increase.

Each person who visits or registers with Auctions on 18
Feb will receive a $10 credit toward their future listing fees.
Overstock will put a link on the home page allowing users to claim
the credit by logging into an existing account or registering
as a new user.

This is a site TAG has written about many times in the past. We
mention it here because we have had more email from our
subscribers asking us to mention this site as an alternative,
than all the other email put together that we have received
about other sites.

This is not an auction site, but a fixed price/best offer type of
negotiation site with approx 377,000 listing and an extensive
wanted item section. This site has a good search engine.
It also has a feedback and auction import tool called Mr Grabber to
import your listings from sites such as ebaY with little difficulty.
There is no completed item information so no way to determine
sell through rate, and sellers have not talked about this, so TAG
has no indication of what the sell through rate might be. Listing
is free, stores are free, and the final value fees are reasonable -
Customer service is believed to be responsive, and has the site has
good community boards. It also is searched by Froogle, so listings
appear on Froogle and Google.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

The ebaY Boycott and Other More Direct Acts of Aggression

Ethical Consumerism Meets Economic Civil Disobedience

Since ebaY announced the fee increase that goes into effect 18 Feb 05, TAG has observed an ongoing outpouring of anger and frustration against ebaY. This was further fueled by ebaY North American President Bill Cobb posting on the Marketing Announcement Board, and sending an email to ebaY users, trying to calm the furor, and tossing a few crumbs to the multitude, while he (figuratively) feasted on cake. (Cake being that he cashed out approx 9.5 Million in ebaY stock in 2003 and 22.5 Million in 2004 and as of Oct 04 owned 17,000 more shares he received from ebaY, not counting stock options which he tends to execute and immediately sell)

ebaY’s stance is that the users would not be making such a fuss if they really understood the price increase. Sellers don’t appreciate ebaY assuming that sellers are too stupid to understand what a fee increase is or what it entails. ebaY also appears to be shrugging off the furor, as shown by a recent quote by CEO Meg Whitman, “This is not the most upset the community has been,'' Whitman said. “They have a lot of issues they'd like us to change, and Bill has done a good job of reopening the dialogue. So, we'll see. But this isn't the first time they've been this mad.” And from Bill Cobb, “It's not the loudest [outcry]. But it was loud. Some of it is fair. I'm not going to comment [on the planned strike].” In fact implying, the sellers have been mad in the past and done nothing about it, they are not going to do anything now either.

From all that TAG has observed, read on the online auction and trading industry (OAI/OTI) boards, and hears from subscribers, the price increase comes on top of endless problems, months of double billing, sellers closed down by “mistake”, items not indexing, slow page loads, ebaY sponsored mediaplex double click and ebaY toolbar spyware infecting computers, and other problems ad infinitum. The site does not work and ebaY wants to increase fees, despite their record breaking profits every quarter the company has been in business. ebaY claims their users are part of the great ebaY community, but the only ones who get rich and fat are ebaY insiders, and sellers say they are going to act.

So what are ebaY users saying they are planning on doing to show ebaY they are serious about their objection to this latest slap in the face, on top of all the other breaks, bangs and bruises dealt out by ebaY? To start, they have a petition objecting to the increase at -
ebaY sellers say they have closed stores, and there are currently 124850 stores on ebaY, down from 132,050 on 12 Jan. More sellers say they will close their store once the old fees are replaced by new ones, which can be up to 180 days after 18 Feb, if the seller lists all their inventory prior to 18 Feb (though the higher monthly rent will be in effect).
They are also calling for a Boycott of ebaY from 18 to 25 Feb 2005 -

In the past, Boycotts have been less than useless, but with ebaY investors on edge, and the press panting for any movement they think they can pounce on, a good showing might gain some real attention and possibly even help move ebaY stock to the downside, something to which ebaY WILL react. Sellers have also put up several protest auctions on the site, some of which ebaY has ended. In the past, users have also suggested more aggressive acts, such as flooding ebaY with complaint emails, though with autoresponders, this has no real effect. This time around a few even more active and pugnacious ideas are floating around on the OAI/OTI chat boards.

There is an idea that sellers put information in their current auctions that would normally cause ebaY to close down the auction, with the hope that ebaY will have to end a few hundred thousand, or even millions of listings. Suggestions for information to add are links to the sellers website, links to other auction and trading sites, messages telling buyers where else the seller has merchandise listed, information about the Boycott, and information about the fee increase and how it will cost the buyer more as a result. Unless a significant number of sellers do this, ebaY will target the sellers that do, and punish them.

Another idea is to have everyone add their phone number to the feedback they leave. This is also something ebaY does not allow users to do.

One other idea was actually suggested by coments made by Bill Cobb, when he talked about all the ebaY sponsor link advertising ebaY does on search sites such as Google and Yahoo. Mr Cobb said that ebaY is the largest consumer of such advertising, and Mr Dutta (the ebaY CFO) said that 33% of ebaY ad money goes into this type of advertising. The idea is that in an aggressive movement of protest, hit ebaY in their pocket book. Go to Google or Yahoo search engine, search for a term such as ebaY, auction, or any item, and click on ebaY’s paid sponsor links at the top or side of the page. Every time someone clicks, it costs ebaY money. If thousands and thousands of links are clicked again and again, it will use up ebaY’s advertising budget and remove their ads from these search engines until the funds are replenished. An act of aggressive economic civil disobedience, but one that has the advantage of an inability on ebaY’s part to target perpetrators. There would be no way to distinguish a legitimate click from a civil disobedience click, and if, let’s say, all 26,000 of the folks that signed the petition clicked on 1000 links each over the course of the Boycott week, it would be a very significant action for little effort.

The action that we condone and that TAG still holds is the most effective and permanent action sellers can take, is for seller to take back control of the OAI/OTI. To move listings in 3 million item chunks to other sites, build their own websites to act as a hub for all the seller’s marketing, and merely USE ebaY as one tool to build a seller’s customer base, rather than letting ebaY use the seller as a cow that ebaY milks until it is dry and then sends to slaughter. This is really the action ebaY fears most.

Quotes -

Info on insider trades -

13 Feb - After writing this, we heard from some TAGnotes subscribers who suggested the following -

Contact all the Businesses who buy banner advertising on ebaY, and tell them you will no longer buy their products because they are supporting (quote from the email) "a greedy, lying, outfit" and if the business continues to advertise on ebaY, "then they are no better than the corp they are advertising with". Follow through and let your friends and associates know so they will do the same.

Close your ebaY account - as another subscriber put it, "After being a registered eBay user and auction assistant since December of 1998, I have closed my ebay account. I have paid the increases often enough!" This is the ultimate act of ethical consumerism.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


On 18 Feb 2005 ebaY will increase fees on some of their sites,
including ebaY US, ebaY Canada, ebaY United Kingdom, ebaY
Australia, ebaY Spain, ebaY Netherlands, ebaY Switzerland,
ebaY Germany and ebaY Austria. We have provided some
info on the increases for the ebaY US, CA, UK and AU sites.
Please visit the appropriate announcement boards if you need
information about the fee increases on ebaY Spain,
Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

ebaY US is once again raising its fees to sellers, with many
increases in the 50 to 100% range. This fee increase is not
surprising since ebaY wants their stockholders and
potential stockholders to continue to buy ebaY stock, and fee
increases look good to stockholders. ebaY wants the public to
keep buying stock, so that the ebaY insiders can continue to
cash out their stock holdings. In 2004 ebaY insiders
cashed out $7,846,507,701.00 in stock (yes folks that is
7.85 Billion in the pockets of ebaY insiders). This is nothing
unusual, as ebaY insiders have been cashing out their stock
as fast as they can, since they were first allowed to do so.

For more insider info -
Major Stock Holders
Insider Transactions

As usual, the ebaY boards and chat boards across the online auction
and trading industry (OAI/OTI) are filled with outraged sellers
screaming about the price increases. Once again we will repeat
what we at TAG have been saying for the past 6 years. What
sellers can't be made to realize, is that the power to change the
industry rests with themselves, as ebaY will charge the sellers
whatever the sellers ALLOW ebaY to charge them. All it takes is for
sellers to move a sufficient number of listings to other OAI/OTI
sites, and break the ebaY monopoly. The buyers will follow the
sellers. If sites other than ebaY have what the buyers want, that
is where the buyers will go. If enough sites develop viable markets,
someone (Google?) will come along with an improved meta search engine
(the technology has been around for over 4 years to do this but was
never perfected) that searches all these sites, and updates in real
time, so buyers can search the net for items they want,
and sellers will be free to list wherever they want.

Petitions, one day "strikes", boycotts etc are all useless
and foolish. They have no impact on ebaY and do nothing to
expand the industry. So far they have all failed, and done
nothing but reinforce ebaY's arrogance. ebaY will sit back and
let the sellers moan and groan about the increase, maybe even
make some small concessions, and then go about
their business, confident that the sellers will NOT act to change the
industry. ebaY will continue to raise fees as long as the sellers
knuckle under and pay the fees. What will change the industry,
is sellers selling on what we at TAG call VOTE sites (venues other
than ebaY).

Here is what sellers can do to change the face of the OAI/OTI
permanently, which will mean more competition, hence lower
charges to sellers, and better customer service for
those who use OAI/OTI sites.

As individuals ˆ Build your own website and use it as the hub to
link to places you sell online. There are many very inexpensive
web site hosts, and most ISPs provide free server
space for web sites. Search Google for page templates, learn basic
HTML (many sites are available online to teach the basics for free),
use a site that has templates, or hire someone to build you a
simple site. Get your site indexed on Froogle. This is free, and
you can sign up here - Email every past
customer, thanking them for their business and telling them
where you are currently listing and offer them incentives to buy
from you from your website or from the VOTE site(s) you are using.

As organized groups ˆ there are lots of OAI/OTI chat boards, on
ebaY and off, and frequent communication between sellers of
same or similar items. Start a chat group OFF ebaY, such as on, Google Groups or Yahoo Groups, or on one of the
OAI/OTI bulletin board systems, and email sellers in your category,
inviting them to join your effort to move your entire category to a
VOTE site. Agree on a site, and have everyone participating email
all their past customers and tell those customers where the category
is now located. Put up a group webpage, and provide links to the
group member websites and VOTE site listings. As a group, you
can even pool some resources and advertise in a trade paper or
magazine for your category, or buy some banner ad space online.
Work together as a community and you will all benefit together as a

You do not have to stop selling on ebaY. USE ebaY (as opposed to
letting ebaY use you) as a way to build your customer base. There
are ways to do this that are still ebaY legal, such as including
offers and incentives for purchases made on the VOTE sites you
are selling on, in every email you send out. Include your email
address prominently in every listing on ebaY, so potential buyers
can contact you directly, without having ebaY looking over
your (and their) shoulder. Encourage potential buyers to contact you
via email. Build opt in mailing lists of customers, via your emails,
and include incentives in your list mailings. Send a coupon in every
package you send out, offering incentives to customers who buy
from you either from your website or from a VOTE site.

When you use ebaY, do not use the extras. List 7 day auctions,
don't use gallery, don't use BIN, and close your ebaY store.
If enough sellers do this, ebaY will have to back off these
fee increases. TAG still holds that gallery is now and has always
been a waste of money, and anecdotal evidence from sellers is
that when they stop using gallery, their sell through does not
change. ebaY has been very successful at brainwashing sellers into
believing whatever ebaY tells them is true, including that the world
of online auctions and trading only exists on ebaY. It is time the
sellers took control of the industry back from ebaY.

For those of you who are just going to moan and complain and once
again knuckle under anyway, who want to do something that makes
you feel as if you did not take this increase lying down, even if it
really means nothing, here are some links to petitions, and boycott/
strike sites.

Anti Fee increase petition -

Boycott/Strike page -
There are also posts about not listing 1-18 Feb 05.

Protest auctions -

Rate Meg Whitman's performance -

Several of these are sites that have been around for a few years,
have stable working sites, with tools that give the seller the
ability to easily transfer feedback and/or auctions from ebaY
to their site. These sites have been dedicated to giving online
sellers alternatives, but have not had sufficient participation by
sellers to give buyers enough merchandise to look for. If sellers
move around 3 million listings to each of these sites, ebaY's
shelves will be pretty bare and the sellers will go to these sites
to find what they want.

There are hundreds of online auction and trading sites on the net.
Search Google if what you want is not in this list. These are the
ones with the most traffic (as far as we know) and the ones we
have heard about most frequently.

Here are a few VOTE sites listed alphabetically-


Amazon Marketplace ˆ Though Amazon also has auctions and Z-Shops,
they are a mere adjunct to their Merchant Marketplace, and much
marginalized by Amazon. The Amazon Marketplace is very dynamic
and provides sellers an ever expanding way to sell fixed price
merchandise. When a buyer searches Amazon for an item, the retail
item comes up, but links also come up to Merchant Marketplace items
new and used. Listing in the Marketplace is free. Final Value Fees
are 99 cents plus 6-15% depending on the item. Amazon has chat
boards and a toll free customer service number, though their CS
can be a frustrating experience for sellers.
Selling on Amazon -
Marketplace Overview -
Marketplace -
Marketplace fees and explanation -
Pro Merchant accounts $39.99 per month, includes free Z Shop, Free
Auction listings. 99 cent Marketplace fee waived and more -

Bidville.Com ˆ auction site has approx 3 million listings (though
it is more like 2 million real listings, since over a million
listings are sports cards and records listed by 2 or 3 sellers)
There are no listing fees, final value fees are reasonable and
can be found at
Bidville also has stores with a basic store fee at $5. a month and
final value fees for sold items. Other store fees and options are at
Sellers can import their ebaY feedback number from their Bidville
Trackpal page, but there is no auction import tool that we could
find. Random spot check shows a sell through rate of approx 23%
The search engine leaves much to be desired in that it is slow, only
returns a max of 2,000 items, and often does not complete the
search but gives a "timed out" message. Customer service is
believed to be responsive, and has good community boards.

ePier.Com - auction site has approx 145,000 listings. Full
feature stores (more like a mini website) have email and image
hosting, for $12.95/mo or $99. per year plus a final value
fee on sold items -
There are no listing fees, final value fees are reasonable and can be
found at
The search engine works fairly well as to speed, but we could not
get past auctions to show up, nor get the listings to sort. We were
not able to determine a sell through rate. ePier has a bulk upload
tool, but no import tool to move items from ebaY to ePier. In the
past customer service has been variable, as have the community

iOffer.Com - negotiation site with approx 377,000 listing and
extensive wanted item section. Has good search engine, feedback
and auction import tool called Mr Grabber. Does not have
completed item information so no way to determine sell
through rate. Listing is free, stores are free, and the final value
fees are reasonable -
Customer service is believed to be responsive, and has good community

Overstock Auctions - The newest site on the scene, this is a
general merchandise auction site, has approx 30,000 listings. With a
wide customer base for their Overstock merchandise, this company
is also doing the most advertising of their auctions. Overstock
has listing and final value fees that may be viewed at -
There is no completed item search but anecdotally sellers report an
approx 7% sell through rate. Customer service is good with a toll
free number to call for help. Chat boards appear friendly, with
Overstock personnel stopping by to help users.

SellYourItem.Com - auction site, has approx 58,000 listings. Sell
through is at around 5%. Listing is currently free, and final value
fees are reasonable -
SellYourItem does not have stores, but does have an auction import
tool. Both customer service and the community boards are rated
very highly. The boards also include a board where users can post
items and get help from other users to identify what it is. The
search engine works well.

Yahoo Auctions - auction site, has approx 200,000 listings. Sell
through is at around 10%. Yahoo Auctions has chat boards that
are ok. Their customer service is as bad as ebaY's, and that is
saying much. Their site generally runs very well, and has good
tools and features.


ADULT/SEX/PORN/FETISH (Please don't look if you find this stuff
4BidN - Brand new, only a handful of listings, currently no
listing or final value fees.

Naughty bids - 10 cent listing and final value fees -

TIAS - one of the oldest and best established online trading
sites (comes up 5th on Google search for antiques). Fixed
price stores $34.95 minimum price or 10% commission on
sales, whichever is greater. Can also upload items to auction
for a 2% commission (on top of auction site fees). See through
is unknown. Site claims over 570,000 listings. Programs are a
bit complex, for more info go to -

Ruby Lane - well established online trading site (comes up 12th
on Google search for antiques).. Fixed price stores Fee system
is complex, more info at-

AutoTrader ˆ $15. online classified ad, $27- $54. for combination
Ad in Auto Trader Magazine and on

CarsDirect - $25. to list a car For more details -

Abe Books ˆ Fixed Price listings, with monthly subscription fee -
$25 minimum, 8% final value fee and 5.5% charge card fee if you
don't have your own method of accepting charge cards.
Seller info -

AB Bookman -
Auctions ˆ Currently completely free
Books Wanted -
Books fixed price listings- $10 minimum book value to list, 25 cent
fee for 90 days, currently no final value fee -

Alibris - Fixed Price listings 20% final value fee on books $499. and
under. Seller info -

AuctionArms No listing fee, final value fees are at-
Approx 34% sell through. Lots of bids.

ePagan - listing and final value fees are currently free

eWitch - listing is free, 3.5% final value fee

AuctionWitch - listing is free, 2% final value fee

Playle - 76,000 postcards, Ephemera, Stamps, Postal Covers.
Listing and final value fees with unlimited free relists in
postcards and other paper categories. Free listing in
Antiques and Collectible, Stamps and Postal Cover cats. Dealer
flat fee monthly packages. Sell through in the 30% range but
over 50% in some sub categories.
Fees -

EggBid - listing is free, final value fees 10% to 1.5%, 40% sell
through. Fees at -

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

TAGnotes Special Edition ebaY UK 5 Pence Promo on 6 Jan 05

The Auction Guild Notes Special Edition ebaY UK 5 pence
promo and other promotions 4 Jan 2005


must go! Prices as low as 49 cents. Go where those in the
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An insider's account of PayPal's beginnings, and its clashes
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Wide variety of items in excellent condition, from a Patagonia
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On ebaY UK on Thursday 6 Jan 2005 between 00:00:01 GMT until
23:59:59 GMT, sellers listing in auction style, auction with buy it
now (BIN) or BIN only (fixed price) formats in an eligible category,
will pay 5 pence (£0.05 GBP) insertion fee.

Only listings in British Pounds Sterling on will qualify
for the5p listing fee. Any item previously scheduled to go live on
Thursday 6 Jan 2005, will qualify for the 5 pence insertion fee

If you relist an item on Thu 6 Jan 2005 that had previously closed
without a successful sale, the re-list will qualify for the 5 pence
fee. Excluded from this promotion are items listed in the automotive
(Cars, Classic Cars, Motorcycles or Other Vehicles) and real estate
categories, multiple item auction format listings (also known as
Dutch Auctions), identical listings that do not comply with
ebaY's duplicate listings policy, shops inventory format
listings, and listings scheduled to start after the promotion
has finished.

ebaY will only credit the basic listing fee. ebaY will charge all
other selling fees including final value fees, optional reserve price
fees and all listing enhancement fees such as "Bold" or "Highlight".
If the listing is listed in 2 categories, the insertion fee will be
5p times 2 i.e. 10 pence. PLEASE NOTE - If you revise a qualifying
listing created on 6 Jan at a later date, ebaY will charge the FULL
normal insertion fee, NOT the 5 pence promotional fee.

US sellers can participate if they list on the UK site and are
willing to ship to the UK and accept British Pounds Sterling, those
most or all buyers will probably come from the US.


ebaY US is running a promotion for new sellers. ebaY will credit the
insertion and gallery free for the first three (3) listings. This
promotion starts on Wed 5 Jan 2005 at 00:00:01 PT (12:00 AM plus
one second) and runs through Sun 9 Jan 2005 until 23:59:59 (11:59 PM
plus 59 seconds). Listings created prior to Wed 5 Jan 2005 and
scheduled to start during the promotional period (January 5-9, 2005)
are eligible for the special offer. ebaY will not apply the credits
immediately and they will not be posted to the sellers account until
late February 2005. This applies to ebaY US and ebaY Motors
non-vehicle listings.

ebaY will still charge all other fees (including final value fees and
all other optional listing upgrade fees, such as bold, border, buy
it now, gallery featured, highlight, featured plus, listing designer,
gift services, subtitle, reserve, extended duration insertion
fees, etc.).

ebaY will not include motors vehicles, stores inventory listings,
live auctions, professional services, international and real estate
ad format listings in this promotion. The promotional rate does
not apply to listings revised during the promotional period. The
promotional rate also does not apply to listings created during
the promotion January 5-9, 2005, but scheduled to start after
the promotion ends.


ebaY Canada is running a promotion for new sellers. ebaY will credit
the insertion and gallery upgrades for the first three (3) listings
starting Wed 5 Jan 2005 at 00:00:01 EST (12:00 AM plus one second
on Wed 5 Jan 2005) and runs through Sun 9 Jan 2005 23:59:59 EST (11:
59 PM plus 59 seconds).

ebaY will not include motors vehicles, stores inventory listings,
multiple listings, dutch auctions and real estate ad format listings
in this promotion. The promotional rate does not apply to listings
revised during the promotional period. The promotional rate also
does not apply to listings created during the promotion January
5-9, 2005, but scheduled to start after the promotion ends.

In a ebaY move that TAG has long anticipated, ebaY is now preventing
sellers from doing revisions to auctions that are listed during a
promotion. For the first time, ebaY has stated that for the 5 Pence
promotion on ebaY UK, ebaY will charge the full fee for any item
revised once the promotional period is over. ebaY has had the
capability to do this for many years, but this is the first time they
have implemented it. To quote ebaY on this, "If you revise a
qualifying listing created on 6th January at a later date, you will
be charged the normal insertion fee, NOT the 5 pence
promotional fee." Is a similar move to be expected on ebaY US?

ebaY's PayPal is now accepting payments in Australian dollars on Australian users can now send and receive payments in
the local currency, eliminating the need to convert currency and pay
costly exchange fees for purchases or sales.

Though ebaY is advertising ways for buyers and sellers to help
contribute to the Tsunami relief effort, these charitable
contributions appear to apply to everyone BUT ebaY. As far as we can
tell, ebaY collects all normal listing and final value fees, so make
their normal profits on all charitable listings. If you use PayPal,
ebaY gets the cut of that transaction also. Charitable listings
can be funneled through Mission Fish, who deducts an additional
processing fee.

For more info about Mission Fish and their ebaY giving programs go to

ebaY collects all normal listing and final value fees, so make their
normal profits on all charitable listings. If you use PayPal, ebaY
gets the cut of that transaction also.

For more info ˆ

TAG checked with PayPal to see if sending money to UNICEF through
PayPal was going to incur payment fees for UNICEF, and further
profits for ebaY and PayPal, or if ALL the money would go to UNICEF.
The customer service rep did not have an answer, but promised to
escalate this and get back with an answer in 48 hours.

Overstock Auctions is supporting a Tsunami Relief program. Sellers
can donate a portion of the proceeds from their auctions by listing
an auction as usual. When creating the auction, check the "Make This
a Charity Auction" box. Then select a percentage of the closing price
that you would like to donate to a tsunami relief fund, and choose to
donate to the American Red Cross, UNICEF, or Oxfam. Invoicing and
billing will occur as usual. ALL fees collected in association with a
charity auction will also be donated to the charity you selected.
Not just a venue
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