Friday, December 24, 2004

Will ebaY have a 2004 Free Listing Day?

If ebaY is going to have a free listing day after Christmas, they will not announce it until late on the night before the FLD. We are watching, and will send a notice as soon as we hear about it.

In 2003 ebaY had this promotion on Fri 26 Dec.
2002 - Thurs 26 DEC 2002
2001 - Thurs 20 DEC 2001

This year the 26th IS a problematical date, as ebaY has never held an FLD or other promotion on a Sunday. Usually it is on a Tue or Thurs with the rare different week day thrown in. They have had a FLD as a “christmas” present for their sellers every year since they started the site, so it is hard to believe they would break with their tradition. When they had it has varied, sometimes before, sometimes after Christmas, so all we can do is watch and wait, and let you all know as soon as we can. Our best guess is Tues 28 Dec.

Our advice is to prepare your listings for an FLD, so you will be ready when and if it comes.

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