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The Scammers Are Now In Control of ebaY

1 Feb 2007
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Those of us who have watched ebaY from a users perspective, for many years, have seen an every increasing ability for scammers to manipulate the site. In the last year, this access has gone from being outside manipulation of flaws and stolen personal information, to complete inside control.

These are the facts:

Every day thousands of listings from China selling brand name counterfeit goods are listed using hijacked accounts. These are usually 1 day listings, the accounts used fit a standard profile and are often accessed in alphabetical order. These listings are for brand name clothing, DVDs, sunglasses, and expand into other categories regularly. The scammer does not need a password to access these accounts.

ebaY Motors has ever increasing fraudulent listings. There are redirects from ebaY search results, manipulation of information in valid running listings, and ever more sophisticated cons, in addition to the all American fraud, found in some used car salesmen, that has been a caricature in our society since the advent of the automobile.

There is a brilliant hacker/codewriter who uses the moniker Vladuz, who makes ebaY his specialty. He has been writing ebaY hacks since 2003, as far as we can trace. This individual recently sent us a link to his latest hack, a tool that he posted on Firefox's plug ins. There have been several screen shots of ebaY's control utilities database posted on the net, on ebaY and off, all with a visible Vladuz watermark on the pages. Vladuz made the posts on ebaY, as far as TAG can tell.

ebaY knows about this problem, and has been removing any threads that appear on their site about it. They just removed a long running thread on ebaY DE, one on which Vladuz has posted on under various guises, including hacked ebaY pink accounts. At the end of December, TAG contacted ebaY through their Trust and Safety live support, and specifically told them what was going on. ebaY cannot say they did not know.

Here is what we have theorized based on all we have seen, and the facts we have:

Vladuz appears to have written a program that gives the scammers complete access to what we are calling ebaY's back end. This back end is the control utilities database used by ebaY, to track everything on their site, that contains all information about ebaY employees and its users. The following images are samples of what Vladuz has made available to the scammer marketplace.

The scammers who have purchased, or otherwise acquired the Vladuz access programs, appear to be able to manipulate the account information of every registered user ID on ebaY. They can monitor in real time what is happening in an account, read email sent through ebaY's system and respond to it through ebaY's system, change any parameter in the user ID account, so, for example, they can receive the PayPal payments the legitimate account holder would have otherwise received. They can add or remove information on a currently running listing without the legitimate account holder knowing it, and conduct business as they please; using all the hijacked accounts they please. No password access is needed. In the article ebay Insider Hijack Scam? we theorized that this was being done by an ebaY insider, as that was the only thing that could explain what we were observing. What we did not realize, and what even TAG found hard to believe, was that the scammers now had insider access, not by working for ebaY, but by using the program built by Vladuz.

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