Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Looks as if ebaY is testing a customer service phone number being made available to "regular" users. The message shows up in My ebaY - The person who received this message it is a casual user of ebaY, buys and sells once in a while.
Dear users name (user ID):

As one of our most loyal and active members, your membership status entitles you to a toll-free telephone number to contact eBay's customer service directly.

We're here to help if you need us, so the next time you need assistance from eBay, you can give us a call:

800-717-EBAY (800-717-3229)

This phone number is only for members like you who have been invited to
participate, so please be ready to provide your member ID when you call.

We appreciate your choice to use eBay and look forward to helping you make the most of your shopping experience. Please call us if you ever need a hand.


eBay Customer Support

P.S. From time to time, if we notice you are having an issue with a transaction or a problem with your account, we may proactively try to reach you. Please help us provide the best possible service--make sure we have your correct contact phone number:
If you are not on their "list" they hang up on you.

Of course under the "will ebaY never learn" category, ebaY has a clickable link in the message that takes you to a redirected ebaY log in page. Is this an early holiday gift for the scammer set, who are sure to mimic the message for phishing? ebaY NEVER seems to learn from their prior mistakes. TAG guesses that ebaY feels their My ebaY and My Message system is secure, though those of us who follow ebaY know that NOTHING is secure on ebaY. ebaY opening another door for the scammers to exploit by putting a clickable link in what we are assuming (a dangerous thing to do) is a legitimate message, just facilitates the scammers.

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